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Wheel ID403 viewsStamping on the outside of wheel
Inside stampings392 viewsStamping Id's on inside of wheel
MM421 viewsMM stamped on inside of wheel
364 viewsTwo sidewall inserts for seat belts. Found these at Pick 'n' Pay Less out of a Subaru Sedan. Note hole cut on bottom edge. This is for the C pillar belt feed through (for want of a better desciption) out of Subie to be installed above insert to lift belt higher off the parcel shelf. All plastic clips etc trimmed off back side to allow flush fittment on shelf. Silastic to be used to glue onto shelf.
368 viewsTop side of Seat Belt inserts from Subaru Leone Wagon. One has hole trimmed in it for Seat Belt feed through (for want of a better desciption). These are glued in with Silastic. Note how they are chamferred on bottom outside edge. This fits perfectly under outboard egde of window. This will look clearer in later pics.
441 viewsSecuron Inertia Seat Belt Reel kit bought from ESM in UK (2 required). Also bought at extra cost a total of 6 nut plates. These plates have a hole in them i assume to allow to be pop rivetted in place to keep secure whilst tightening bolt on other side. Good for use in floor when fitteing buckles.
414 viewsLHS Seat Belt fully installed. Note nut plate for inertia reel inside cabin.
Steering Wheel Fitted444 viewsMy latest mod to my Morrie. I have used an Autotechnica Steering Boss for a Mini. Purchased from at Padstow NSW. They didn't have any in stock when I enquired in person but ordered two in. It cost me $66 for the Boss which I thought was very reasonable considering I had seen Autotechnica Boss' for other vehicle types at Supercheap for upwards of $80.
You'll notice the Morrie 'M' motif in the centre of the wheel. I was able to modify the Autotechnica Horn push to include the Morrie logo.
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