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Post rebuild726 viewsI took 3 of these photos when i had to put the van up for sale. I do miss the old girl.
Engine Bay after a fresh coat of paint.726 viewsThere was no need to recondition the engine. It had been very well maintained. The original owner did 74000miles. when he died his son owned the van fora couple of years and sold it after doing a further 2000miles. My old employer told me about his father who had bought this van and had owned it for a couple of years but was not using it. He was however taking it in for warrant of fitness checks and registering it. A total of 17 miles in those two years. I had to rescue it from being forgotten.
Interior726 viewsApart from the door cards the rest of the interior was as i bought the van. It still had moulded rubber floor mats. They were not in the best condition having hardened and cracked in a few places. The drivers seat base had been recovered at some stage and the back had a tear in the stitching.
Left side724 viewsLooked quite smart in toyota 040 white (yellow variant) Very bright white. Standard toyota rim silver. Exhaust was quickly mocked up from several parts when it fell off on the way to work oneday. KE30 corolla muffler and i couldn't help myself, I had to put a chrome downpipe on it :) Tidied up the end to no end.
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